Thursday, March 12, 2009

8 months

Maia is 8 months old!

She managed to get
herself from the living
room to the dining
room while Dada was
"watching" her this
morning (aka shaving).

She says Dada, Hi, &
AJ. She loves to clap.

This past month she's
become more interested
in food...she especially
enjoys rice with broccoli,
pina colada coconut
yogurt, carrot & red
lentil soup, puffed rice
pieces, & ripe pear spears.
She usually starts off her
morning with part of a
banana. She also enjoys
sharing oatmeal made
with rice, almond or coconut milk.

Ryan's lunch: fruit salad (oranges, plums, strawberries, grapes); sunflower butter & jelly sandwiches; Triscuit triangles; pretzels; green beans.

AJ's snack: grapes;
Triscuits; pretzels;
sandwich; green beans.

Nate's lunch: fruit
salad; Triscuits;
sandwiches; green

Ryan is always making
new games, just like Dada.
Today's creation was a
board game called "Power
Scols" (Power Skulls). As
far as I can gather, the
object of the game was to
get to the gold & avoid the
water tornados.

muffin tin dinner:
row 1 - baby dill pickles, corn thins, Trader Joe's meatless meatballs, snap pea crisps.
row 2 - dried apricots & freeze dried strawberry slices, cashews, cucumber slices, watermelon.
row 3 - pear slices, banana Craisin walnut mini muffins; wheat & flax crackers; peanuts.

Look what I found at
iParty this evening!
I happened to be there
browsing for St. Patrick's
Day & Easter bento items
and found this in their
Hello Kitty section. While
I'll share it with Maia of
course, it does happen to
be a 650ml box, just my size!


Anonymous said...

The Hello Kitty box is cute. My daugther (14 years old) told me she would carry her lunch to school in a Hello Kitty bento - that was the shock of my morning when she made that announcement. This high schooler is not into carrying her lunch to school anymore, but will if it's in a Hello Kitty box. Go figure.

veganf said...

Ooooh, you'll have to let her pick one out!
I remember when I told my mother I no longer wanted to bring my Snoopy lunchbox to school anymore and asked for a paper bag instead. So then my father would triple-wrap my sandwich and hide goofy poetry inside...which everyone made me read aloud at the lunch table! Oy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me laugh so hard my coffee almost came out my nose!! Oh the humility of reading goofy poetry out loud at the lunchroom table!!