Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Food Swap across the pond

Ryan's lunch: Thermos of Soy Boy ravioli verde; cinnamon raisin rolls; steamed asparagus; strawberries & kiwi (& a piece of orange).

AJ & Nate had the
same as Ryan, however
AJ does not care for
strawberries or kiwi, so
he has all oranges, and
Nate could eat a truck
full of strawberries, but
kiwi is hit or miss but I
gave him some anyhow.

I decided to try a food swap on The Vegan Forum with someone from the UK. I hope it works! I tried to pick a variety of items for my swappee from local sources as well as other US-made favourites.

Here's what I'm sending...
- Robert's American Gourmet veggie booty
- Old Bay seasoning (it's great for flavouring things other than seafood!)
- New York Style everything bagel chips
- Wicked Natural Island Fruit & Corn Salsa
- Annie's berry patch bunny fruit snacks
- Boston Cookies lemon poppyseed cookie
- Liz Lovely cowboy cookies
- Fantastic vegetarian chicken noodle soup bowl
- Enjoy Life mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
- 365 organic cherry fruit strip
- Simply Organic french onion dip mix
- Road's End Organics dairy-free shells & chreese

I chose things reminiscent of my past, items made in Massachusetts, Vermont & New York. And some of the kids' favourites, like Veggie Booty, Annie's fruit snacks, and plenty of cookies & chocolate (also my fave). I had to be careful not to choose many heavy items that would make the parcel weigh too much. I think it's a yummy dozen goodies that will hopefully make the journey across the Atlantic unscathed.


lifes-gifts said...

Your box looks great!

We just moved to the UK in Oct. and one thing they do not have here is grape flavor, nothing at all is grape. I brought some grape fruit leather with me and everyone here thought it was interesting!

veganf said...

I'll have to remember to buy something grape if I do it again. Thanks!

River said...

How inappropriate would it be if I stole Ryan's lunch? Not good? OK, what if I just took one roll? :D

Awesome swap box! The person receiving those goodies is going to love them!