Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bento Class

Last week I held my first bento class! I decided to keep it simple, using sandwiches and common kitchen items that most everyone would have. I felt that for a first class, I wanted everyone to go away feeling, "yeah, I could do that."

We started with the sandwich, using white & wheat breads with small cookie cutters to cut out a cute image. I figured that almost every parent can probably dig up either actual cookie cutters or playdough cutters. For the faces we used raisins, whole wheat angel hair pasta, and 100% fruit fruit-rollups. To shape the mouths I brought along a bunch of metal frosting pipers. Using the back end of a frosting piper makes it a cinch to cut out a perfect crescent.

After building the sandwiches, I showed everyone how to cut Tofurky slices into pom-poms. Then we tucked them into the bento along with tiny grape tomatoes and halved snap peas.

I demonstrated a few quick ways to cut baby carrots to not only look attractive, but to make them fit vertically into a bento box. Using two colours of grapes, we skewered them on frilly toothpicks in a pattern.

I brought along a mini microwave steamer for the broccoli which makes steaming small quantities of vegetables effortless. And we topped off the meal with a Sweet & Sara toasted coconut marshmallow! The bento boxes were purchased on sale at AllThingsForSale, and everyone had their choices of a giraffe or deer design.

Everyone did a great job creating an original bento, and many used them to send to school the next day! Here are some of the finished lunches:


Unknown said...

Looks like a fun class! I love the cut out sandwiches :D everyone did a great job!

Cat said...

Wow, that does look like a fun class. I would have taken it even if I knew how to do everything you're teaching. It would be a lot of fun to have a kids bento class, or take my imaginary(not yet a mommy) child there.

I like the fish one; but they all look great. I'm sure you're proud of the outcome.

Looking forward to seeing your next post on the class.

veganf said...

Well this class was just for grownups, but it would be fun to do a parent/child class too.

Shelly said...

Those look great! I wish I could take a bento class where I live. Not sure there is such a thing in my area.

I love the white/wheat switcheroo. It's such a cute but simple way to dress up a lunch.

Could you post your carrot cutting tips?

veganf said...

Thanks for the idea...I think I will start some posts about techniques like the carrot cutting. Great topic for back-to-school!