Saturday, May 15, 2010

it was Mother's Day

Can't let another day go by without sharing last Sunday's Mother's Day meals!
Clockwise from top left: broccoli cheddar crescent rolls; asparagus mushroom tofu quiche; honeydew melon & strawberries; homefries.

I got a new Mosquito Magnet and poison ivy spray, LOL, and cards and a marigold. And Ryan carved a stamp for me...

Cauliflower and chick
pea curry over basmati
rice with my favourite
extra hot pickled mango


Heather said...

Looks great! Your crescent rolls always look so delicious. Would you ever consider sharing your recipe?

veganf said...'s called Pillsbury crap in a can! LOL
I often buy a couple when they're on sale for 2/$4. There are certainly healthy recipes out there to may them from scratch, but when I'm cooking on a day I feel entitled to be getting a break, I break out the shortcuts!

Heather said...

Thank you so much for that! I think you are super woman and am quite envious of all your abilities. It's truly amazing how much you DO make from scratch!

Munmun said...

Dear veganf,
I think you are a super mom and a great cook. I went thru a few last posts and saw your bent towards Indian dishes (the chickpea-basmati rice dish is actually referred to as "chhole chawal" in India). I was going thru the internet and I found one good vegan blog here:
She is an Indian vegan in the US. I am sure you can find many useful dishes that you can try out by communicating with her and vice versa.
Take care and my love to all your four kids, especially the youngest-lil Maia,


veganf said...

I love a good vegan channa masala. We have a vegetarian Indian restaurant nearby.
The Indian cooking website I often enjoy is: She has a huge vegan section.
I have a lot of Indian cookbooks, but most of the recipes need to be veganized first.
My husband and I love Indian spices. I'll check it out, thanks.