Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Week

I felt I could get away with sending the boys with some of my Hello Kitty and pink colored items this week.

MondayBoth boys had heart-shaped sweet potato puffs, watermelon hearts, & sesame tofu. Ryan also had a strawberry and some raspberries.

Only Ryan has preschool on tuesdays. I am always excited when blood oranges are in season and he was happy to try them: blood orange slices, raspberries, edamame, mini apple-beet muffins.

WednesdayToday was supposed to be the big Valentine's celebration at preschool, but snow & freezing rain over night cancelled school. The wet snow was perfect for rolling giant snowballs in the yard.

A.J. was disappointed to miss school because Dada was going to be parent helper and I had baked heart-shaped sugar cookies to share, along with a big bix of strawberries (guess we'll just have to enjoy them ourselves!). It is a cooperative preschool, so in addition to the teacher there is a "parent helper" each day who brings the snack and helps out with the class.
We'll just put each cookie in a little bag and staple it to A.J.'s valentine's he made instead.

ThursdayHappy Valentine's Day! I made some pancakes with berries for breakfast. Mmm...mmmm!

Only AJ had to bring a snack today: flax crackers, grapes, a baby carrot, a Valentine cookie.

Ryan's class picked names out of a hat last week. They had to make a Valentine gift/snack box for their chosen friend. Our area of expertise! What fun! The teacher's instructions were to include something "salty" and something "sweet". Luckily he chose his friend Sophie who loves Hello Kitty, so the gift was easy to find. And I think he did a fabulous job decorating the box!
Inside we packed a mini juice box, 2 strawberries, pretzels, a Valentine cookie, a mini book of Hello Kitty stickers, a Hello Kitty doodle top, & a Hello Kitty strawberries napkin.

I can't wait to hear about what Ryan received. I packed him an extra cookie in his backpack just in case the contents of his snack box isn't all vegan. His friend asked him what he could eat, and he said "fruit flavoured candy canes"... crazy kid! We'll see what they come up with.


Michelle said...

ohh.. where did u get the recipe for apple-beet muffins? can u share it?

veganf said...

I have a general recipe muffin I mix all sorts of things into. I will try to post one of them in a future entry.
I've had a lot of parents at preschool ask for a red kuri squash muffin recipe I made for the class snack a few times (though I called them pumpkin muffins for the sake of the other kids who aren't so keen to try new things, LOL).