Sunday, March 14, 2010


After finishing the alphabet bento series I've been taking a little breather I guess. The past few days have been nothing but rain, rain, rain. Rewinding to friday...
Ryan's lunch: maple cookie; cranberry sauce; Tofurky & lettuce sandwich on an english muffin; steamed broccoli.

All this cold rainy weather has had me craving warm hearty food, none of which is in my current eating plan. I already confessed that I cracked and took a few bites of the baked ziti as I was putting it away on "Z" day. Otherwise I've been eating more nut-based meals, and I dehydrated another batch of flax veggie crackers.

And our regular supermarket
had a new product in their
sports/energy bar section,
a duo of raw food bars! Not
bad for when you're craving
something sweet. I especially
liked the chocolate coconut
flavour. They are called
Raw Revolution. Maybe they'll
carry some of the other
varieties if they catch on.

7am- soaked steel cut oats w/sliced almonds, a sliced strawberry & agave nectar.
11:30am- Raw Revolution chocolate & coconut bar.
3pm- a banana.
7:30pm- carrot & celery sticks; mixed nuts; a pickle.

7am- 1 banana; small bowl of raisins, date pieces & sliced almonds.
9am- 1/2 an avocado.
10:30am- 2 sliced bananas w/almond butter, agave nectar & grated coconut.
12pm- Raw Revolution spirulina & cashew bar.
3pm- salad: romaine, tomato, olives, balsamic fig vinegar, olive oil.
5pm- soaked steel cut oats w/blueberries, ground walnuts & almonds, agave nectar.
7:30pm- a dozen flax crackers.

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