Monday, April 20, 2009

Far from the Marathoning Crowd

top plate: Tofurky sandwiches
& strawberries.

bottom plate: sesame tofu,
red pepper strips, banana,
seaweed rice crackers, chocolate
chip bunny grahams.

Today was the first day of
April school vacation, the Boston
, and our 7th anniversary.
The Boston Marathon runs through
the southern section of our town, so we avoid it like the plague since the traffic is already horrendous there. Someday I'll take the kids to see it in person, but for now a quick check of the race on tv will suffice.

Maia has finally taken to
the swing, provided she
is pushed very gently.

She really enjoys her
brother AJ's company.

Later in the week, I'll
review our anniversary
lunch destination.

Normally we'd order a
cake from the bakery that
made our wedding cakes
But unfortunately they've
stopped shipping or delivering,
and a round trip 4 hour drive isn't something we were up to this year. So we settled for what was available at the supermarket...Liz Lovely cookies and cookie dough ice cream.


Eroteme said...

Maia sure loves to pose for the camera! :-) Congratulations on 7 years together! Hope the itch isn't anywhere around...

veganf said...

ROTFL! Now why didn't I think of that for a post title! The Seven Year Itch. LOL. Between the chicken pox and the poison ivy vines I've been ripping off trees that would be very fitting.
Thanks. It sure doesn't feel like only 7 years. We were together for 5 years before getting married.