Wednesday, April 8, 2009

bunnies on pizza

Ryan's lunch: green beans; green olives; Annie's saltines; leftover pizza (piled 2 high) with bunny rice cheese slice; meatless meatballs; honeydew melon; strawberries.

AJ's snack: meatless
meatball; green beans;
1 slice leftover pizza;
honeydew melon; Annie's

Nate's snack for his
playdate (which he
shared nicely):
Annie's saltines & bunny
rice cheese slices.

Sorry for the total lack
of quality photos today...
I was busy cleaning up
the dining room table from yesterday's mess and had no time to spare to get the bentos into good lighting. Why is it my husband's bath is twice as long as my lunch prep time??

Ryan & AJ were busy drawing with markers this morning at the crack of 6:30...I love the upper left one Ryan did of Darth Vader battling Yoda.

The boys, breakfasting
on clean dishes, LOL.

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River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Another cute Easter themed post! I love the little bunnies.

Aww, your boys look so sleepy! I love your placemats by the way.