Friday, December 12, 2008

Cotton Candy Land

A trip to the cousins'
house always necessitates
packing some munchies...
not because they won't
offer vegan-friendly food,
but because we don't want
to wipe out their cabinets;
they can sympathize with
their 4 younger boys still
at home. It's quite the mayhem when they all get together!

AJ's snack:
rice ball;

Ryan's lunch: cantaloupe chunks & cherry halves; steamed broccoli; 1/2 a Glenny's brown rice marshmallow treat topped with chocolate peanut butter; rice balls with stamped soy wrappers.
I packed up a trove of non-perishable snacks for Ryan's trip with Dada. Memphis is not exactly a vegan destination location!

Ryan's suitcase conveyed
the food, his bathing suit,
and his YMCA swim
bubble. These days you
have to pack and check
any liquids you want to
bring along, like rice milk
for instance.

Ryan's lunch: Luna bar; cherries; Tofurkey sandwich topped with red bell pepper "poinsettia" with cucumber "leaves"; baby carrots; bread "flower" spread with chocolate peanut butter.

AJ's snack:
carrot; Veggie
Booty; Tofurky

Nate's lunch:
grape tomatoes;
cucumber slice;
Tofurky "flower"
sandwich; a cherry;
a carrot; red bell
pepper strips.

Thanks to Two Vegan
for reminding me
that I hadn't had a curry
in months! And I'd never
thought to add zucchini.
So I whipped up my
usual recipe with the
added zucchini and some
farm carrots.


These too
are the
of River
over at
. I
used a
instead, &
the basic
cupcake recipe from VCTOTW. The kids in AJ's class were the lucky recipients at snack time today.

Then it was time to
whip up dinners
for Ryan and Dada's
airplane trip.
Thai spring rolls;
grape tomatoes;
a festively frosted
chocolate cupcake;
smoked tempeh,
lettuce & tomato sandwiches; edamame...

Cold soba noodles;
cherries; grapes;
carrots; avocado

I packed everything
in recyclable/disposable
packaging so Dada didn't
have to worry about
losing or washing containers. Both were containers from packaged food such as Veggie Chips and donut holes from Whole Foods. They ended up being the perfect sizes for a shared father-son travel dinner.

AJ's snack & Nate's lunch: grapes; grape tomatoes; cold tofu; steamed broccoli; soba noodles.

So far I've heard the trip to the Magic the Gathering World Championships in Memphis, Tennessee is going well. Dada is a special guest there this year. This is the longest I've ever been apart from one of my children. They enjoyed a dinner meeting at the Graceland mansion, and a vegetable sushi platter at Bluefin.

Maia is 5 months
old! She can stand
pretty well now
against things or
with assistance.
She got 2 teeth
last month. And
she has almost
enough Hello Kitty
outfits to wear one
every day of the
week, LOL.

She loves rolling,
playing with her
toys, going to the
YMCA, and being
bugged by her 3
big brothers.


Maida said...

The poinsettia is so perfect is almost looks like a real flower!

Misty said...

Those cupcakes are freaking adorable! I might have to use that idea for the kids' upcoming holiday parties!

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Look at Maia standing up straight! She will be running around the house in no time!

YAY! You made the reindeer cupcakes! They look fabulous and WAY prettier than mine! :)

The red bell pepper poinsettia is genius! You are a true artist!

Jen Treehugger said...

You pack the prettiest lunch boxes EVER!!!
They all look soooo good.