Friday, December 19, 2008

Cupcake Craziness


Only AJ needed a snack
because Ryan and dada
were not back from their
trip yet...broccoli; apple
rabbits; roasted squash
seeds; tofu herb ravioli.

As soon as Ryan was
home he couldn't wait
to put up the tree.
Here's Maia checking
it out for the first time.

Ryan's lunch was full of gifts...fried tofu with a spaghetti ribbon, banana walnut muffin square with a red bell pepper ribbon, steamed carrot with a chive ribbon...etc.

Nate's lunch:
sesame tofu;
broccoli; rice
ball; baby corn.

AJ's preschool class
has an inordinate
number of December
birthdays. Add that to
the holiday snack
craziness and it means
I've had to make two
batches of cupcakes in
the past 2 weeks.

I frosted this one for
myself, and then of
course everyone
wanted one. I call it
the "almond joy".


AJ's cupcake of the
day was frosted with
mint frosting and
tiny dark chocolate

Ryan's lunch: root veggies & beans soup; red berry flax waffled with maple syrup & pomegranate syrup; 1/2 a clementine.

Dinner was a muffin tin
meal...peanuts, cukes,
veggie crackers, chick
peas, pretzel nuggets,
bell peppers, almonds,
carrots, clementine, rolls
of Tofurky slice, apple,
Veggie Booty.

All the boys had: dinosaur "cream cheese" & jam sandwiches; broccoli; cucumber slices; carrots. Nate had some Veggie Booty too, and Ryan had double layer sandwiches plus a stuffed pasta shell for his bigger 6-year-old appetite.

Nate's class did a white
chocolate wreath making
project. So I sent the
closest thing I had at the
time: frosting, chips,
sprinkles, and a lemon
poppyseed Boston Cookie

with a circle cut out of the
middle--he loved it.

Would someone please explain to my 2 year old that his brothers don't appreciate him hiding pretzel nuggets in their water cups and marbles in their boots. Doh.


a big
in the
so I made
a lunch
for the

rice balls;
rice/carrot/edamame salad; green beans; trio of peanuts/almonds/cashews.

I beat the blizzard by just
a couple of hours and
made it to the farm for
our monthly winter
produce pickup. The
greenhouse has bags of
snow-covered leaves
packed along both sides.

I picked some sage from the herb garden, then hauled everything to the car. We got 2 green cabbages, some kale, leeks, mixed baby greens, radishes, spinach, popping corn, salad turnips, and a massive bag filled with various potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, celeriac, onions, garlic, shallots, rutabaga, and winter turnips.

Blizzard dinner:
spicy sweet potato
with guacamole,
pumpkin miso muffins,
mushroom asparagus
tofu quiche.

The sweet potato pancakes
were delicious, but I hate
all the olive oil it uses to fry them, so in the future I'll make my usual baked wedges instead, but just add the extra seasoning and use the guacamole for dipping.

The pumpkin miso muffins from Just Bento were yummy, but I still like my own recipe better. I had to cook these for 5 minutes longer than indicated or they'd have been mushy.

My quiche was just another variation of my broccoli quiche, but this time with 4 baby bella mushrooms, 8 shiitake mushrooms, & a handful of asparagus, all sauteed with the onion, plus a little sesame oil added. Delish!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought the apple rabbits were cool until I saw the rest of the pictures!
Everything is so beautiful I really can't decide which bit I loved the most! Maybe the mouse? Or perhaps the veggiesaurus sandwiches? (Veggiesaurus' are very close to my heart!).
Nope ~ I LOVED it all!
You are too awesome!
Merry Christmas to you and your family x

veganf said...

Thanks. The mouse is my fave. My husband and his friend used to keep pet mice rescued from the Harvard Med School labs, so they're special to us.

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

I love all the gifts with the ribbons! And the little mousie and the snowman are adorable!