Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkins and Leaf Piles

First of all, forget about Hallween, these chocolate covered peanut butter balls would be perfect for ANY occasion I can think of, or any non-occasion, or a final bite on death row. I only made 1/3 of the recipe and still ended up with this many! Thank you HappyVeganFace for posting the recipe!

Here's a view of the
inside. Simply scrump-
tious. The only hard
part was finding vegan
graham crackers. The
recipe is really easy.
And they look pretty
too. You could sprinkle
them with all sorts of
lovely extras.

Meanwhile, AJ was enjoying the loot from his kindergarten party.

If Maia had her way she'd be outside alllll day. The fall weather has been awesome.

I made a Cauliflower Tomato Soup with Herbes de Provence for dinner (but didn't take a pic til I was half done eating it!) from the cookbook Tomato Blessings and Radish Teachings that was really excellent. And Maia practiced carrying around her pumpkin bag...

Ryan made a spider
hat at school, showed
off his vampire teeth
(neon green teeth?!),
and then grandma
came over to help get
started on the pumpkin

I think Maia might well
have fit right inside this
pumpkin it was so big!

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