Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yesterday was National Pig Day. Not quite sure the significance, but I had an idea for a pig, but not an idea for Peanut Butter Lover's Day. So a pig it was!

Ryan and AJ's lunches:
pickle; smoked Tofurky
"flower"; carrot "flowers";
gel cups; asian rice crackers;
pink rice pig with soy cheese
ears & nose, nori eyes, &
strawberry jam cheeks;
steamed broccoli; purple

Maia asked for a "butterfly sandwich" for her lunch...
Maia's lunch for preschool: pickle; baby carrot; steamed broccoli; purple grapes; jam sandwich.

And Monday's lunches...
Ryan & AJ: edamame; sauteed asparagus; soba noodles; orange slices.


dirtyduck said...

oh no! i didnt know and i have a little piggy!!

Compostkitty said...

thats just such a cute pig!

Unknown said...

The piggie is so cute! And very nice butterfly sandwich :D

River said...

Your little rice piggie is so adorable! I love it! Your kids are so lucky it's not even funny! :D