Sunday, August 22, 2010

Local Meals on the Go

Since I am sure there will be some new readers to my blog this week, I will postpone the inevitable odes to tomatoes, and focus on this blog's usual content: bento lunches.

I normally use many local
ingredients in our meals,
whether they be from our
CSA, the farmer's market,
or things I have foraged along
trails and yards myself. But
this week is special. I am
participating in the Loving
Local: Celebrating the Flavors
of Massachusetts

So without further ado, I will get right on with what I do best here...showing off fun and healthy meals on the go!

The first bento is intended for an adult in both its size and choice of ingredients...
This two-tier bento includes: sauteed rainbow swiss chard w/garlic (from Stearns Farm CSA), Alton Brown's Cold Fashioned Potato Salad (w/local red potatoes also from Stearns Farm), a trio of colourful tomatoes (from Stearns Farm CSA), concord grapes (foraged from along the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail), and broiled eggplant w/Italian parsley (again from Stearns Farm) seasoned w/balsamic vinegar, olive oil, black pepper & kosher salt.

My third child was extremely excited to have pesto in his bento. It's his favourite pasta topping, and he'd just as soon use it as a dip...
This 270ml bento was packed with a yummy dinner for a just-turned-four year old: cucumber slices (from Stearns Farm), tomato & pesto sandwiches on old fashioned white bread from Great Harvest Bread Co. purchased at the Framingham Farmer's Market (w/heirloom tomatoes and pesto made with basil, purslane & garlic from Stearns Farm), watermelon (from Stearns Farm).

As you can see, he's yumming it up!

Summer vacation is drawing to a close--remember to include local, healthy produce in your childrens' packed school lunches. And please support any efforts made by schools to bring local whole foods to the cafeterias!

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