Monday, June 8, 2009

Simple Things

Ryan's lunch: my hummus; homemade mini chocolate chip cookies; celery sticks; carrot sticks; blueberries; pretzel nuggets.

AJ's snack: chocolate
chip cookie; pretzel
nuggets; carrot &
celery sticks; hummus.

A friend made me a bag
out of recycled fabric &
remnants. Pretty neat!
I can't sew, so I'm always
impressed by this kind
of thing!

Princess Maia thinks
the swing is pretty great.


Unknown said...

Oo I really like that bag! I am always jealous of those skilled in sewing. I can do buttons and things but anything requiring a machine does not work out for me lol!

veganf said...

Yeah I can't wrap my head round sewing machine fu. I need an entire semester course I think...can you tell I skipped 8th grade which was when they offered home ec!