Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Transporting Your Bentos

How do you carry your bento boxes?
I personally start by choosing what style box is easiest for my kids to handle, then choose an appropriate bag or lunchbox.
But there are so many options!

These simple bags are
designed with kids in mind.

They're easy to operate
& come with cool characters
on them.

This fits my 6 year old's
usual 450ml bento box
perfectly, with enough
room to spare for a set
of silverware and a drink.

But what about smaller

Here's a nice snack
bento, 250ml in size,
great for a toddler meal
or preschool snack.

Wrapped in a furoshiki
(scarf), its carrier also
doubles as a placemat or
napkin. It is convenient
to carry and very cute!

I can't wait to pack
snacks for Maia in this.

You probably already
have a scarf at home
that would make a great
impromptu carrier!

Here's MY lunchbox.
For this old-style box
I have to use a 2 or 3
tier slim bento to fit

I find this style of
bento takes practice
for kids though;
maneuvering the belt
off and on is a skill I
feel is best left to the
5 year plus group. I've
even seen adults have
trouble with them the
first few tries. Practice
with your kids first.

Flip-top upright lunchboxes
are a cinch to pack and easy
for kids to do themselves.

My 2 year old takes this
Thomas the Tank Engine
lunchbox to preschool two
days a week.

It's fun to buy coordinating
bento boxes to fit inside
if you enjoy that sort of

Most single tier boxes fit
in this style lunchbox; this
one is 300ml.

Are you the creative type
who doesn't want to spend
a lot on lunchbags? No
problem! You can knit or
crochet your own nifty
bags...or you can have a
friend make you one like
I did, LOL (I can't knit or
even sew on a button)!!

The advantage to this is
it is stretchy, so it can
fit this little 270ml single
tier bento, or it can easily
accomodate something

And it's so darned pretty!

But no worries if you're not
creative! Get yourself to
Daiso or the Target $1 bins
and pick up an array of cute
bags like this.

These bags easily fit 2 or 3
tier bentos, plus a large
water bottle.

The slimmer multi-tier
bentos are also handy
for fitting in a backpack
or messenger bag without
tipping or moving too

A larger stretchy produce
bag (also made for me by
my talented friend) fits
my largest picnic bento.

An adjustable bento belt
or large rubber band keeps
the box secure, and the
expanding bag makes
loading easy.

So how do you transport
your lunch? Do you have
any spiffy bags or inventive
ways to get your food to
school, work or a trip
more easily?


River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

So much cuteness in one single post! "Skip rope, not lunch"! I love it!!

Anonymous said...

I have a furoshiki to carry my 3-tier stainless steel bento. The smaller, plastic bentos have straps and a bag. I drop them into my tote bag or backpack with everything else I drag to work. I love all of my bentos, but the stainless steel one that was given to me by a Japanese friend is by far my favorite. I've become bento-obsessed lately!


i am getting a bento from japan! Woohoo. I dont know what its going to look like or anything. But I think if I can I will let Susan use it for school. We get to start her this year and she will go half days on m,w,f and its called a "cottage program" cause its mostly homeschooling. I am sorry I dont keep in touch better. I miss our chats

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