Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow & Ice

Woohoo! A bento for me! I made this to enjoy myself while watching Lost (on dvr), and I also entered it in the Adventures In Bentomaking 200K contest.


AJ's snack: cold
tofu; animal cookies;
soba noodles; cucumber
slices; grapes.

Ryan's lunch: soba noodles; cucumber slices; animal cookies; blanched spinach; vegetable dumplings; dropper of soy sauce; cold tofu w/scallion.

At home I threw together
a muffin tin dinner: pickles,
carrots, spoonfuls of peanut
butter, mini pitas, edamame,
cherry tomatoes, almonds,
cucumber slices, grapes, apple
slices, whole wheat bagel
pieces, clementine segments,
and snow peas.

Ryan's lunch: soy cheese; veggie crackers; black sesame crackers; a fresh apricot; mini banana blueberry muffin; mini pumpkin muffin; broccoli; grapes; almonds, peanuts & cashews.

AJ's snack: broccoli;
mini banana blueberry
muffin; black sesame
crackers; grapes.

Nate's lunch: chinese red
bean paste cookie; black
sesame crackers; mini
banana blueberry muffin;
grapes; broccoli; Nate's
meatless meatball.

Snow day for everyone, except my husband who walked to work by himself. Snow & freezing rain kept us inside for the day.

Nate loves playing
with his toy planes.

I could probably eat our
entire 8 pound parnsip share
this baked parsnip
"chips" dipped in my chili
chreez sauce. The boys
all loved them too.

Ryan hung a sign in
the dining room
proclaiming "Welcom
to Mamas Yumey

Nate's lunch: forelle pear; broccoli; grapes; mini pitas w/edamame hummus & cucumber; animal cookies; mini pumpkin muffin; carrot sticks.

AJ's snack: flat
pretzels; forelle
pear; grapes;
mini pitas w/
edamame hummus
& cucumber.

For edamame hummus,
sub 1 cup cooked edamame
for 1/2 the chickpeas in
my hummus recipe.

Ryan's school had another snow day due to the icy sidewalks.

over a
bed of
Good Dog bites; broccoli pompom; soy cheese XLIII. There is also a side of 2 white & dark chocolate chip cookies.


Anonymous said...

I love all of your bentos, and the muffin tin dinner is a wonderful idea (which I will have to try out!)
Good luck with the contest >:o)

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Ryan's sign is so cute! The football lunch is out of this world!! Wow, you're amazing!

Good luck with the bento contest and YAY for Lost!

Misty said...

Love the football bento. I just realized I'm going to get to make a bento for me next week - kind of cool.

Le Petit Chef said...

Hello fellow bento maker! Thank you for your comment on my blog :o) Coffee Beat is a Japanese candy in the shape of little coffee beans that has a chocolate/coffee flavor. It comes in little tubes (and sometimes you can find individual serving boxes of it). It's my absolute favorite Japanese candy! I enjoyed looking through your blog -- I like your muffin tin dinner!! I saw your post about Ichiban Kan -- if your husband ever winds up in SoCal make sure you send him to Marukai 98 stores -- they are the ultimate!! They also sell most everything for $1.50, and if you hit a few of them (pretty easy to do), you can really stock up!! Mitsuwa groceries also have small "Trends" shops that have fun bentos. Anyway, glad to run into another veggie bento boxer! :o)

veganf said...

Thanks everyone for the comments!

River - Always glad to know another Lost fanatic!

Misty - Dontcha just love bentoing for yourself?!! I think I enjoy it more because it is such a novelty, it almost never happens!

Le Petit Chef - I had mentioned Marukai 98 to my husband when he was driving down to L.A. but he had already spent enough at IK and was pretty busy, so maybe next time I'll make that his destination location instead, thanks for the tip!