Friday, March 7, 2008


What a week! I thought we had done quite well this winter until the past week. Everyone got sick; first a stomach virus, then the flu, and my husband ended with an upper respiratory infection, coughing so hard we think he cracked a rib. (And you probably know what it's like to have a sick husband, haha. But to be sick yourself too with 3 kids in various stages of it, agh!)

Monday no one went anywhere. Ryan was already feeling better, but no one was well enough to take him to school, poor guy. But I managed to get him to school on Tuesday:
Thank goodness for leftovers: barrel-shaped onigiri, edamame, dill pickle cut into chunks, spinach, cantaloupe.

AJ & Ryan: mini banana muffins, cold tofu w/soy sauce, green beans w/soy sauce.

Nate & I were the last to get sick so we were just starting to feel better by thursday. Nate fell asleep before lunch, so here are Ryan and AJ's lunches:Tater tots w/ ketchup, cashews, carrots, grapes...and cucumber for Ryan.

Cooking while pregnant is very challenging for me. I have chronic morning sickness with major food/smell aversions. Even turning on the gas stove can be cause for, well, ya know. So I tend to use a lot more prepared foods than usual, like frozen goodies from Trader Joe's:
Everyone had the same: cold tofu w/soy sauce, ramen noodles & broccoli, & vegetable "Bird's Nests" which Ryan went back for seconds on.

One of AJ's friends was celebrating a birthday at school today. So I packed a vegan cupcake for him. I always keep a stash of frozen cupcakes, usually the basic vanilla ones from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. They freeze well and defrost quickly on the counter in the morning.
AJ: cupcake & peach soy yogurt.
Ryan: cinnamon bunny crackers, carrots, peach soy yogurt.
(Technically the bunny crackers are NOT vegan, they contain honey. This was a compromise I made with my husband as he often brought home baked goods with non-vegan ingredients and the boys would want some. So we compromised that honey would be allowed in pre-packaged foods, but he would cooperate and read labels to avoid all other non-vegan ingredients for home-use.
Also, I often notice when buying baked goods that the "natural" products contain honey as a sweetener. At some stores the choice is between a whole grain bread with honey, or a vegan Wonderbread-like substance that I would never buy. In these circumstances I think the honey is a fair compromise. Someday I should learn to bake all my own bread like my own father did.)Husband's lunch: strawberry soy yogurt w/blueberries, mixed nuts & raisins, clementine, watermelon slices, "salad" sandwich.


Jennifer said...

I'm loving your new blog! I'm stuck in such a rut foodwise. I'm getting some inspiration from you. Can't wait to get bento boxes of my own.

Chessa said...

Loving this! I'm getting such good ideas for snacks for my wee one. Although you're giving me bento box envy. My dude is only 20 months but I don't know, maybe he'd like a bento box anyway, right?

And I know you're like, "Who is this crazy person?" But I found your blog from your siggie on MDC.

And Tag! I'm tagging you for a meme. If you want. NO pressure. But it would be fun. ;)

veganf said...

jennifer - Thanks. You can buy bento boxes online, or see if you have an asian grocer near you that might carry them.

keeta - My youngest is 19 months. While I don't have many opportunities yet, I did buy him his own bento box. He'll use it more this fall when he's in preschool 2 morning a week.
...and I claim ignorance; I don't know what a "meme" is! Maybe you could fill me in.