Friday, February 29, 2008

Ups & Downs

I managed to get my act together this morning to make enough food for everyone: snacks for preschool, lunch for my husband, and a second breakfast for Nate and I to share.

Onigiri triangles with wakame furikake, honeydew melon, edamame, spinach, & some cucumber slices for Ryan.
At preschool today the "food lady" visited the 5 year old class again, as she does about once a month. She is a nutritionist who does a food curriculum for the kids concentrating on a different "food group"; she follows the outdated USDA food pyramid, though I have shared with her a vegan food pyramid that we prefer, as well as the Harvard food pyramid which I believe is far healthier for the average American diet.
Anyhow, this visit was about the "meat" group, argh! But with Ryan in mind, she talked about all different high protein foods, and concentrated on beans. The kids made hummus to eat with pita chips and carrots. They made a bean sachet to take home. And parents were given a hummus recipe and a blurb about the benefits of including beans in one's diet. Thumbs up!

Husband's lunch: same as preschool snack, plus some blueberries & Thai rice noodles. In the second container is some leftovers dinner: mixed vegetables, General Gau's tofu, fried rice.

For Nate & I: edamame, Thai rice noodle soup, honeydew melon, cold spinach & cucumber slices.

Tuesday: Ryan's snack...Smart Hearts soy crackers, cucumber slices, mini apple beet muffins.

Wednesday: mini waffles, Hello Kitty container with maple syrup, baby carrots. Blueberries & a strawberry for Ryan, raisins for AJ.

The week has ended with both Ryan and AJ catching that stomach virus finally, and my husband is going on his third day with the flu. So no snacks today.
On the bright side, I am 20 weeks pregnant today. Half way day, woo hoo!


That Raw Vegan Girl said...

ok its official I am addicted to this blog!

veganf said...

Glad you're enjoying it! =)