Friday, May 14, 2010

another 5 in a row

Another plain old week around here!
Ryan's lunch on Monday: 4 bean salad; cucumber slices; strawberry pear applesauce; vegetable crackers w/Tofutti cream cheese; strawberries.

AJ's kindergarten class is planning a "garbage garden" next week, so we've begun to save seeds from things like melons to bring in to contribute...
Ryan's lunch on Tuesday: watermelon; 1/2 a macadamia white chocolate Luna bar; corn thins; PBJ sandwich half circles; baby carrots; gherkin pickles; steamed broccoli; smoked Tofurky slice.

Leftovers almost always look better the second day when arranged nicely in a bento...
Ryan's lunch on Wednesday: honeydew melon; simmered shiitake mushrooms; rice w/green beans & asparagus; spicy baked tofu.

AJ asked for a "bigger" snack "like Ryan". He chose this over a chocolate chip ZBar!
AJ's snack: corn thins; honeydew melon; a baby carrot; a Tofurky slice.

A little breakfast for a token vegetable...I never count potato as a vegetable because it invariably gets topped or cooked with something junky...
Ryan's lunch on Thursday: home fries w/ketchup; honeydew melon; a pickle; a carrot; wheat toast w/strawberry jam; a zucchini brownie.

Some nice strawberries to go along with Ryan's special treat tonight. He finished reading the first Harry Potter book so we're going to make sundaes and watch the film...
Ryan's lunch on Friday: ramen noodles w/green beans & asparagus; cucumber slices; peanuts; baby carrots; strawberries.

Today was Nate's
preschool teacher's
birthday, so he made
her a card and brought
along a cupcake to
join in the celebration.


Keegan said...

Hey mama! Check your email pretty please. I emailed you asking where I could find some bento bands locally. Thanks!

veganf said...

Kam Man Marketplace in Quincy would have the best selection. But Tokai in Porter Sq., Cambridge would probably have a small selection too, or the small shops on Newbury St. in Boston, or in Chinatown in Boston.

Jenny said...

Your "plain old weeks" are still beautiful, healthy, and delicious-looking.

Keegan said...

thank you!